12/21/2018: NickzFlix Update: Catastrophic Failure and Rebuild

Dear NickzFlix Users,

On Thursday 12/20 at 9:21am, we received alerts that our NickzFlix server was offline. Luckily, we had staff on hand in our data center. They quickly accessed the situation; however, the server suffered a catastrophic failure of the operating system SSD. This is not a quick fix.

Our team decided to utilize existing parts we had available. Thus, reducing downtime and overall costs. The new server was built with a fresh install of Windows Server 2019. Nickzflix was back online yesterday at 4pm. With our latest optimizations, NickzFlix should run faster & smoother than ever before.

We apologize for not communicating sooner, as even our PR guy was helping to get NickzFlix services back online. #AllHandsOnDeck

As always, if you have issues or feedback, please contact us!