Our Story

We enjoy challenges and tinkering with electronicals…this is just a fork of that. 

Meet the Team

These are the folks that make the magic happen:

Nick Polk

Founder & CTO

Nick Polk has been in the Information Technology field for 15 years. He brings quite the vast work and personal experiences: from system configuration, integrations, to even the fascinating video codecs and bitrates utilized in optimizing content delivery. 


Summer Polk

Quality Control

Summer requests items, watches the movies, and makes sure they play like silk.

Edith Ann

Datacenter Technician

Edith helps maintain NickzFlix systems. In her down time, she enjoys snacks and naps.


KidzFlix Film Connoisseur 

Alex personally recommends every title in the KidzFlix Section. Also, everything the light touches is his.