Happy Holidays!!

We hope you and your family are enjoying the Holidays. We have some updates we would like to share with you:

1.       We have several new releases. Put your feet up and enjoy yourself. Heck, put some popcorn on and grab the family and put on a Christmas classic like It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, or Die Hard. 

2.       Our Request site will be moving to a new server. We have officially outgrown the processing needed for this web application. This migration is expected to happen during the Holiday break. Should you notice the request site offline, just give it a smidge and we will be on the new-new.

3.       Bandwidth upgrade coming soon. Fiber is being brought in by mid-January and this should help with the increased demand we have seen recently. In theory, it should help deliver the stream to you more quickly. 

4. Music. While we have offered a music category for some time, we have been upgrading several artists and their albums to higher quality audio. We have also been working to better organize our collection. As always, feel free to put in requests for music albums. 

Merry Christmas, ya’ll!
NickzFlix Team