Back Online

System Upgrades

We have recently:

Re-installed the OS (So Fresh and So Clean)
Doubled the RAM (16GB to 32GB)
Installed aster NVMe Boot Drive
Made the Main thing, the main thing

Make the main thing, the main thing

Plex is but one of 7 previously installed roles on the server. We have since migrated domain controllers, spun up a new BlueIris server, turned off web and DNS servers, etc. The goal is for ultra responsiveness and now this server ONLY running Plex. Nothing else to take resources away from Plex. 

Future Upgrades

While our Plex server is back and running at top efficiency, we still yearn for more. That being said, we will be installing a new RAID card and eight 10TB Hard Drives in the very near future. Stay tuned!