System Upgrades, TV Shows, and Notifications

System Upgrades

Two things:

1.    We have enabled RAMdisk encoding, which is a fancy way to say “videos should stream faster.” We have noticed a difference in our testing and wanted to enable for all users, as we relentlessly pursue improvement.

2.    We will be upgrading our storage from 10TB to over 40TB in the coming weeks. This is an initiative that has been on the docket for quite some time. We will give you a heads up of our maintenance windows as plans finalize.

NickzFlix TV Shows

We have typically limited TV show requests, as they take up a large amount of space. Go ahead and request some TV shows and we will download and add when our storage increases.

New Users

We welcome several new users. Be sure to check out the FAQ section on the NickzFlix website. Also, be sure to request a movie (or TV Show) if you don’t see it in our collection.

New Content Notifications via Plex App

The Plex app on all platforms have been updated with several new features. My favorite Plex feature for Android and iOS, I want to share with you is NEW CONTENT NOTIFICATIONS. This way you get notified of new movies or TV episodes are they are uploaded.

To enable:

1.    Open Plex

2.    From the Homescreen, hit the 3 lines in the top left

3.    Tap the settings gear



6.    Check next to the libraries you want to enable (we suggest all).

 We hope you had a great Holiday season and hope you have a great new year!